ABOUT ME

Unparalleled Style

My name is Claire and I live in Manchester. I’m a northern girl born and bred and having spent a few years living in various parts of the North West, Manchester is the place that I have now settled and love to call home. The name of my business obviously reflects these roots but hopefully also symbolises something that has come to mean a thing of beauty, that people cherish.

I live with my two amazing sons aged 16 and 10, and a fantastically supportive and equally amazing husband.

I grew up loving painting, art and creating things and have always had an ongoing creative project of some sort, be that illustrating, painting or sewing. For many years I have often found myself in the craft section of the library, borrowing books on different crafts I wanted to explore and have enjoyed many. But I always seemed to come back to drawing and illustration.

I began to take my illustrating a little more serious when, a few years ago, I had the opportunity to learn a little graphic design. After attending a short course and immersing myself in books and tutorials it opened up a whole new world for me. I realised that I loved the mixture of illustration and design, and was able to use the two to make begin making cards and prints. I even sold a few!

I carried on illustrating and as much as I loved designing stationery, cards and prints and still do. However, I also wanted to design something ‘physical’ that could sit in my home, a product that I could almost ‘show-off’, with the satisfaction that I’d designed, illustrated and built it from scratch, therefore I began to explore whether I could put my illustrations on lamps. However, in truth had no idea of how realistic or feasible my idea was, therefore I began to spend many hours researching how to make lamps and lampshades.

Once I felt I had a basic understanding of the process involved in making lighting I began ordering various materials and components, playing with different ideas before I built my first working sample. Seeing my first serious attempt working and providing just the effect I’d hoped it would I knew instantly that I wanted to pursue it seriously.

It took many, many months of research and development and a lot of hard work to get to the point where I am confident that I am selling a quality product deserving of my efforts, but it has all been worth it. The feedback I have received from customers, stockists, family and friends has been amazing and if I’m honest a little overwhelming.

I've been given a chance to work at something that I absolutely love doing every day and I feel extremely grateful to all my customers and stockists..Thank you.

A Northern Light